Hurricane Sandy Live Show

Today, I was honored to be a talk show guest on a fun live radio show, taking calls and doing readings with Shelly Wilson, who is an incredibly gifted Intuitive and healer.   If all’s well, you can listen to while you’re reading this if you click here.  Hurricane Sandy Live Show

As usual in such gatherings, people come together around a common theme.  Today, it was all about Hurricane Sandy, and the emotional correlation of resistance versus allowing.

As Sandy pin-wheeled leaves and uprooted some cedars and oak trees in my yard, we discussed life’s little tempests and what they require of us. In earthquakes, the buildings that sway don’t snap and crack apart.  Everyone knows the story of how the reed bends in the river. The point is that it does help to remain fluid and allow the winds to blow. I know that when I’m centered (like the eye of a storm), it’s much easier for me to deal kindly with all kinds of disturbances.

The alternative?  For me, depending on the time of the month, it could range anywhere from mild discomfort to anxious, maniacal hysteria.  Oh, you don’t even want to go into the details. But I digress.

The point is that we all have little Sandy’s in our lives.

Weather patterns today are a great illustration of the point that life can be unpredictable.  Things don’t always go our way.

Where I live now in the northeast, the weather has become more extreme and although it was never predictable, it seems to have become more so.  In 2011, a tropical storm was reported far from the tropics, in the woods of Vermont.  This year, the subways were flooded downtown Manhattan, immobilizing the area. Sea levels have risen.  Hurricanes are flowing northward.  We just don’t know what will happen next.

I do know one thing though.  When skyscraper footings flood and building foundations are swept away, a spiritual foundation helps. Obviously, having a spiritual community is beneficial. Connectedness is key if the power fails and the neighborhood is in disarray.  Moreover, the person who has a meditation practice will naturally have more peace of mind in the chaos because meditating is analogous to holding that central eye of the storm serenity.  After venting the frustration and anger and grief, holding a positive perspective of faith among the wreckage can inspire us to make lemonade out of lemons, as they say.

The point is that there is no stopping Mother Nature – or any other types of outside speed bumps in life.

Sometimes we can only make sure we’re “right with God,” hold onto our britches, and start praying.  In such times, we simply have to allow the storm to run its course, and the only achievement possible in the quality of our reaction.

In allowing calmness to flow into our spiritual awareness, we will always be better equipped to deal with the physical fallout.

In fact, and this is a good topic for the next show, this spiritual center is the space of grace where miracles can occur!