Stones from the Grave


Mediumship is AWESOME. Just did a reading for a daughter whose Dad stepped up with the Stones icon showing me those famous lips, and himself being cool in his leather jacket (that she has now!). First he gave her “You’ll always be my baby” by Mariah Carey and then he stood there strumming a guitar, saying he’s been sending messages through music and he even gave me an amazing reference to the lyrics of a NEW STONES SONG!

Her father kept showing how he wanted to dance with her again – esp. a father daughter type dance – and she just got married! He made it super clear that he’s been communicating to her through songs on the radio to break thru her own doom and gloom thoughts- and there was so much more but wow, his whole theme was that he’s visited her in dreams and still wants a relationship. (Hell-oh!!!) She’s been denying it but then she goes, “Yea. He told us to look for signs that he’d be around – and that was before he crossed over.” I just HAD to share this Halloween because I love it when people reconnect in powerful ways to their loved ones.

Have fun and pay attention to the signs from your loved ones this weekend! The veil is very thin as fall and winter merge.