Did I Ever Tell You About When I Died?

I was FIT – a medknee surgeryal-winning snow ski racer in my twenties.

I went for a voluntary ACL reconstruction after a ski racing accident. I really didn’t have to have the surgery, but I wanted more stability in my knee so that I could ski jump, surf, and continue to lead a daredevil life.

Little did I know – that decision was nearly my final one. I wish I could tell you what caused it. Afterwards, the hospital “lost” the records so I never found out if I was either allergic to the anesthesia or if they accidentally overdosed me. It doesn’t really matter.

Either way, it wasn’t my time. I came back. I was already on the spiritual path, so my natural psychic senses were primed to expand, but it was more than a wake-up call. You might even call it a resurrection.

My soul gained new pathways into my conscious life after that experience, and I learned that sometimes, the soul is in control while the body is just along for the ride.

A lot of people have written about their Near Death Experiences, and I wanted to share that it has happened to someone in your life – me. And when it happens, our conscious mind stands down. The soul is captain in charge. Everything began to shift, and more synchronicities happened. I think that was the moment when I decided to fully go for this life, the love, the lessons, the hills, and the valleys.

For me, death was a major wake-up call that cracked open my soul, forged floodgates of light, and recently led to service as a medium.

Your turn. Have you had a near-death experience?  Here’s a song to play while you think about it.  Soul Meets Body

~ Lisa Atkinson.  Visit SpiritLisa.com for a private or group medium readings via phone, Skype internationally, and get my free newsletter to stay posted on offerings, psychic tricks, resources, and other tips.


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