UBER Growth Transformation Time~

Facing fear is UBER important.  Do you feel it? 

Time to get in touch with what’s holding us back in relationships, spiritual growth, career, and other aspects of our lives! 

We’re ALL supported in transformation and release of the struggle right now.  You can go deep into your personal unconscious fears with: Meditation. Hypnosis. Journal keeping. Day Dreaming.  

For the next two weeks, you may feel the rock ‘n roll emotional rollercoaster on trust versus fear.  Aw, c’mon. Something is being shattered. Right? For me, it’s breaking out of the old home and work anchor paradigm. 

I am releasing the belief that so much of my life needs to be away from the shore behind a computer, without enough play time or enjoying my own physical vitality and the sparkling sun on the sea. Yes, and dolphins. Of course!

So…what can you release today?  Share with me below.

This can ALSO be a time where judgments are being dis-proven and the discrediting of general assumptions. Ahem. Yes, and especially about rancid old patterns related to sex, love, and related boundaries….

SO? Why is this important right NOW

We’re in a Jupiter Saturn Neptune trine: seeds planted now will grow quicker than normal! Think positive and then, Yea!  Giant produce.

Painful as it can be, this window of starlight empowerment is actually a GIFT, when used consciously.  Get clear. What do you want to release? What do you want to grow in your life?  That is where we want to focus our thoughts and hearts for the next two weeks. What part of you needs to break and expand?

For me, it’s my own geography…and having more FUN, for starters.

What about you?

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