Are You Blocking Destiny?

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Are you sick of trying to get your goals met and tired of worrying about how they will happen?

Do you feel like the same things keep happening that you DON’T want in your life?

Did you know that the most common block to spiritual knowing, synchronicity, and actualizing miracles is something we CAN control?

I just had an aha moment where the pieces came into place. Sometimes trying to figure things out CREATES resistance blocks!

How? There are times when we are the ones who are spinning in place because our minds are working TOO hard. This is opposite the training most of us received! If you’ve grown up with the goal of achieving in school or business, that was mostly about the power and value of thinking.

But that can be a trap.

If you’ve been overthinking, worrying – or stopped in your tracks because of being afraid of taking action, like I was, then this solution is probably for you, too.

Actually, it makes sense that too much mental activity can be a blinding mist. Too much focus prevents us from seeing much of anything else.

Thus, a more successful future can only come through when we are not stuck in a mental rut, revving our engines and going nowhere. That is also quite exhausting! So, what is the key that opens the door to the next great knock of opportunity?

Whatever settles the mind. It’s probably going to be physical. ๐Ÿ˜€

A hot bubble bath, a martial arts spar, a zestful session of journal keeping, passionate talking, body surfing, dancing or whatever you like – just getting the mind out of that blocked thought pattern, which only perpetuates limiting beliefs and stops us from stepping into happy destiny – will go a long way to restoring the blissful pieces on the path.

Trusting that the universe will meet us half way is not always easy, especially when it SEEMS to be illogical – but the universe always does meet us half way when we are on the path of higher destiny!

With a calm mind, synchronities can arrive AND – HALLELUJIAH – get noticed. With an open mind, we can even SEE how the universe is supporting us and which path leads to the next joyful outcome with ease.

Long story short? RELAX the mind and open to receive the wonderful world of your wishes as they unfold in happy destiny with the power of the universe in full flow!

Try it and let me know how it turns out. Plus, there’s more for you on my official home page. Go grab your own free copy of my psychic secrets revealed from to find out what they normally donโ€™t tell you! See you there. If you liked this, please LIKE and share.


2 thoughts on “Are You Blocking Destiny?

  1. Lisa, perhaps you will have a suggestion for me…my house has been up for sale for quite a while now. I thought it was sold on three occasions but something always happens. It could be me sending out mixed messages to the Universe…I love the house but I would be better off financially to sell and move.(I might have just figured it out…my heart and mind are not aligned!)

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