Is Your Love a Gateway to Miracles?

Love is the answer. Love creates miracles. There’s magic in love.

You’ve heard the clichés. But do you think they’re really true?

We can probably agree that love links people together. I mean, this part is simple, factual observation and reportage.

Surely, you’ve seen love and generosity link two people. You’ve seen a husband help his wife or a mother make a sacrifice for her family. A stranger might donate a kidney. That kind of love creates spiritual links that become gateways for extra-sensory perception. No?

Yes. Love often creates links of telepathy. It happens a lot with romantic couples. It also happens with close friends and families. A loving mother knows when something happens to her child, for example…even if that child is across the globe.

How do the messages get through? What’s really the gateway here?

Here is a sacred secret. Love is the spark plug that fires your telepathic engine.

True or False?

True. And I’ll go further. Love links people and animals together, as well.

Ruh-Roh. Did I lose you there?

Might as well throw in some beloved dead pets as well as departed people, like those dearly departed grandparents.

Because I’ve seen it happen.

Love creates trackable gateways that link you to everyone you love.

Think I’m kidding?

Think again.

Time and time again, I’ve watched the spirits of departed loved ones (feathered, furry and otherwise) surf waves of love right back into the living arms of their grieving families.

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking puppy love, infatuation or manipulation love here.

We’re talking about a less dramatic and more soulful love, the kind of mature love that lasts after someone doesn’t get their way in the relationship.

We’re talking the kind of love of a mature person who is detached from expectations, or ego attachments – like Mother Mary, Mother Theresa, Saint Francis, the Buddha, or Jesus Christ.

Like the great and mostly forgotten healers of history.

Modern energy healers know that they create space for healing that starts in the heart.

Spiritualist healers call on the big gun healers of Spirit to help. They get God and the angels involved.

Combined, all of that neutral, light-filled love actually travels down to the hands to the patient’s body from the healer’s heart center. A lot of times you can feel it as a burning heat radiating from the healer’s hands.

So, love is the gateway AND the key to hot energy healing work.


Seriously. Energy healers report that the healing energy travels to the hands from the heart center. Energy work depends on the unconditional giving of this platonic, altruistic love.

Simply put, love fuels our natural human healing engines.

Love can do this because love is a gateway from heart to heart, a common essence that can truly link us together, spirit to spirit. It connects one heart to another’s heart because we all have a spirit, a soul, a divine love spark that dwells in that sacred space.

As a gateway, Love creates webs of spatial communications and connections that we can track.

Here’s how it works with the dead. People who want to connect with their loved ones in spirit can get in touch with them by sending those spirits love. Spirits can ride that love beacon all the way home.

Spirits can – and often do – generate more love and healing by conveying messages to their loved ones here from the heavens ~ through gateways of love. Such messages can expand the love gateways even more when they’re full of forgiveness, bonding and evidence that the spirits are still celebrating the lives of their loved ones on earth.

As a medium, I’ve seen that love is a gateway from here to heaven and back.

If we generate unconditional love, the most extraordinary things can happen. Seas of sickness part. Pathways of healing and light open.

That’s why, if you ask me, I’ll say, “Yes. I’m sure that your love is a gateway to magic!”

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