4 Great Ways to Ruin Your Psychic Reading

1.  Tease the Psychic.  Skepticism is usually not a disastrous problem, but if you’re really withholding or secretive, testing, and/or demanding certain answers for proof, then you are not really open to receiving the free messages of grace.  You’ll block the messages of love and inspired answers from Spirit that could take you to a higher level. If you go to a psychic or medium, don’t sabotage your reading by blocking the free flow of information that can come to you. It makes it harder for everyone. Just be open-minded.

2. Act like an Addict.  Some people go back to psychics again and again in a short period of time to get a fix of comfort. Sometimes, they go back and seek a different answer or prediction. This creates a denial loop.  It’s a way of avoiding the issue. It’s bypassing the lessons learned from the initial reading.  Getting many readings on an issue can become toxic because it inhibits the ability to process a truly inspired reading. So, don’t get more than two or three readings in a row on one question. Otherwise, your readings are in danger of going into shadow territory, where you won’t get accurate answers.

3. Overthink.  Since the soul speaks in symbols, being analytical can be misleading. It’s essential to consider the symbols involved, which means that often, we must be open to learning new, nonlinear meanings. The solution for you is to be open to alternative associations, as you might do in dream interpretation.  Most of the time, psychic readings are catalysts for spiritual lessons and awakenings. Spiritual truths often come in paradoxes, and sometimes they transcend the laws of duality, which means they’re not always logical. So, don’t expect them to be linear.  In short, lighten up and don’t try to figure everything out logically.

4Suppress and Deny. If you really want the truth, brace yourself.  Take No for an answer. It’s important to realize that, if we refuse to accept the answer from a clear, intuitive channel, it creates a dead end. We can actually stop processing our feelings and even stop learning from our own lives. If we force a painful awareness underground, it becomes invisible to us, and capable of doing damage whilst pushing its way into our awareness again. We can get stunted until we have an unpleasant wake-up call. The solution?  Accept reality and try to see things with fresh eyes instead of limiting yourself to one expected outcome.  Remember that most often, what we perceive as great setbacks at one time will later be understood as stepping stones to our growth.

Now you know how to ruin your reading.

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