How Do We Change Beliefs? New Moon Power!

Every new moon, you can do this for three days before and after the new moon!
If you’re reading this the day after the new moon, like today, take my 2-Day Re-Visioning Challenge!
Why now?  Because 2day and tomorrow are PACKED with New Leaf/New Moon support for all of us who are recreating, re-birthing, and revising our dreams and even our beliefs.
With this kind of   cosmic wind under our wings, 2day is the day to shift and plant the seeds for new kinds of growth.Personally ~ I’m letting go of a generations-old, sticky and limiting paternal pattern of belief that no longer serves the highest good of anyone.
I’ve prayed about this old limiting belief, called in my own angels and whole spiritual support team, an I even created a ritual of reverence around it with a little ancestral alter. (That is, altar! A Freudian slip but it works for me. LOL)
Check out my happy little altar for this below! I set it up to honor the patterns that served my ancestors, to respect them and alleviate any blame or victim outgrowths of this process of transmutation, sending them gratitude. So, they will benefit from this, too!IMG_0279
If you have a limiting belief in your family, the first step is to identify it consciously.
Be aware. Know that you would not choose the pain of that in your life today.
Acknowledge that you can grow from bitter to better today, and give yourself tons of credit for coming so far!Groups of intention do have energetic momentum.
If you like, you may join me in rising above any old limiting beliefs by planting the seeds of new awareness and freedom of choice for the next two days.When we hold strong to the new beliefs, things do start to change and ripple out in shifts for the better.
oxxoxo Happy New Moon New Leaf Transmutation. ~ Lisa Atkinson
p.s. For more info and support, listen to my FREE archived internet radio show on the subject that kicked off the week last New Moon week on Sunday!
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