Power New Moon Manifesting Ceremony + Free Guided Journey

It’s New Moon time- time to renew, reset and restore those unrealized dreams. You can use this ritual I created for three days before and after the new moon.

Why do this? Because it works.


In my own life, I’ve been disappointed and disillusioned many times, but I’ve found a few juicy tools that actually helped me get back on track. One of them is New Moon Manifesting. 

For this reason, I want to share a new guided meditation that you can use for free to help you get unstuck.

The new moon is all about letting go of what no longer works and restoring more of what does.

It’s also about rekindling those deep, starry-eyed, secret things that we reeeeally want to be in our lives!

Click this link to play it freeeee!

You can also find it on iTunes in my podcast there.

Happy Manifesting!

xx Lisa


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