Ancestral Guides

Isn’t it funny how alone we can feel when we are always connected to abundance, support, and an overflowing source of guidance?

Here’s why. Life can throw us a curve ball.  Stress piles up.  Things get confusing.  Sometimes we forget.

Even if we are in touch with our spiritual guides, it’s fun to get signs from your ancestors.  (I’m talking, waaaaay-back-time, before computers, cars, or even cash.)  These folks have a grounded perspective rooted in the old ways and timeless matters.

If you’re ready to link to your own personal ancestor guides, then this video is for you.

Full disclosure: there are TONS of guides you can connect with, and although I adore my ancient family members, I also draw on many other guides and angels, all only in love and light, with the highest possible intention for all people and animals connected to me.

Your ancestor guides love you more than you realize!  They are always around, and standing by to support you on your path.

Connect with Your Ancestors

Connect with Your Ancestors and get more support in your life today. Here is how.

Your turn.  Please reply here and tell me:

What’s the single most powerful spiritual guide in your life so far?

Let me know what’s worked and what hasn’t — and what questions you may still have.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing!

With love,

P.S. Here is the background video as “Part One…”

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