Lovely Lily Dale

If you’ve ever lost someone you love, you know how rotten grief feels.  We all process differently.  Some take it lightly.

For some, it can be torture.

The latter are the ones who need to know about the town of Lily Dale, New York.The place is crawling with dead people – and the live people who love to talk to them.

Lily Dale is south of Buffalo, and it’s open in the summer only, from June to August.  During the season, they have events like free healings, spoon bending classes, overview lectures, tours, and readings.  Of course, they also have a slew of certified mediums you can pay to reconnect with loved ones in spirit. Love. Yes, it’s all about LOVE!!!

Love is the pathway here, and a lot of famous people have discovered the secret.

It’s a fascinating place where Mae West and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle frequented the place.  I stayed in the guest house where Doyle stayed!!
Don’t miss the museum.  You’ll see all kinds of celebrity pictures.

Not far from the grounds is The Fellowship of the Spirit, which offers a lot of great healing connections. They don’t tell you that in the brochure so don’t miss that place if you go.

I love the place!  If everything goes as planned, you may see me there. I am booked to give readings from the platform there this summer.

Bon Voyage!



One thought on “Lovely Lily Dale

  1. Lily Dale is on my list of places to visit this summer. I read a book about Lily Dale a few years ago and have been wanting to visit ever since. Perhaps I will see you there!

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