My Personal Psychic Path

lisa gold  People often ask me if my gifts were innate – or if I had a breakthrough later in life.  The answer is: both. If you’d like to know more about how I stopped repressing and started working with my personal spiritual support team, here’s the low-down on my development.

When I was little, I saw colors around people – sometimes bright or dull, vivid or cloudy. I also knew a lot of things that others did not know. Some people thought it was scary. Others thought it was magical. To me, it was – and is – natural – as natural as normal breathing.

But everywhere I looked, I got resistance around my second sight.

Unable to understand this, I actually shunned my own psychic gifts until, after several dramatic careers and life-changing experiences, I dropped dead!

Seriously. I died and was resuscitated.

What a wake-up call! Unpleasant as it was, that little death brought me back to my own spirit, or essence.

Ironically, coming back was an awakening on many levels. Soon, I came to see how my gifts were not a curse but a pathway into what you might call heaven. I also saw how they might help others to experience divine love. Because of this, I dedicated myself to the spiritual path.

I wish I could tell you it wasn’t a bumpy, pitted road full of hairpin curves, but that’s exactly the way my journey progressed. I took a lot of wrong turns and came to some trashy dead-ends! The more I embraced my inner light and worked in service, the more I gained joy, higher understanding and peace.

Naturally, I continue to learn about the mysteries of spirituality at every opportunity. I can now report that every trial was ultimately meaningful, and that the rewards of my own commitment to develop spiritually have been joyful and profound. I now embrace all of those strangely wrapped gifts…through all their unpredictable, ecstatic twists.

Today, I get excellent, consistent results with the gifts I have developed. As I bridge the worlds to bring someone closer to their highest good, loved ones or guides, I feel satisfied that I have done my job. Also, I enjoy bringing glimmers of spiritual awareness to others and helping to illuminate the divine in people so they can reclaim their own infinite divinity and become truly joyous and free.

That’s why I offer readings suited to this subject of spiritual empowerment, and that’s why I created an online course for those who are ready to embrace their psychic side. If that’s you, I hope to meet you person-to-person on the spiritual path. Thank you for listening to your own soul.

Divine blessings and joy to you now. Health. Peace. Namaste!

Lisa Atkinson


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