Did I Ever Tell You About When I Died?

I was FIT – a medknee surgeryal-winning snow ski racer in my twenties.

I went for a voluntary ACL reconstruction after a ski racing accident. I really didn’t have to have the surgery, but I wanted more stability in my knee so that I could ski jump, surf, and continue to lead a daredevil life.

Little did I know – that decision was nearly my final one. I wish I could tell you what caused it. Afterwards, the hospital “lost” the records so I never found out if I was either allergic to the anesthesia or if they accidentally overdosed me. It doesn’t really matter.

Either way, it wasn’t my time. I came back. I was already on the spiritual path, so my natural psychic senses were primed to expand, but it was more than a wake-up call. You might even call it a resurrection.

My soul gained new pathways into my conscious life after that experience, and I learned that sometimes, the soul is in control while the body is just along for the ride.

A lot of people have written about their Near Death Experiences, and I wanted to share that it has happened to someone in your life – me. And when it happens, our conscious mind stands down. The soul is captain in charge. Everything began to shift, and more synchronicities happened. I think that was the moment when I decided to fully go for this life, the love, the lessons, the hills, and the valleys.

For me, death was a major wake-up call that cracked open my soul, forged floodgates of light, and recently led to service as a medium.

Your turn. Have you had a near-death experience?  Here’s a song to play while you think about it.  Soul Meets Body

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One Mom’s Magical Message

soul soaring

A Magic Farewell

Sometimes I have epiphanies in my medium sessions. I want to share this one with you.

The other day, a beloved mother’s spirit came through to console her children and to revive the love they were grieving. This mom had only been gone a few months, but her communications skills were already honed. Her voice came through with clear particulars about her life.

Her two grown children acknowledged all the loving memories and descriptions that the spirit conveyed, helping to anchor their mom’s presence with us in the room.  This mother’s messages and evidence connected, from the exact number of months she had been gone to her polished attire, penchant for real estate deals, specific items left behind, and her awareness of struggles in the lives of those still here.

All of this was astoundingly accurate, miraculous and magically restorative for the adult kids, but this is pretty standard in my sessions these days.

The most amazing thing to me was the occurrence at her last breath.

“She’s so proud of you.”  I looked at the son and said, “You made a lot of sacrifices and hard decisions.  You really grew up after she got sick.”

He pushed his glasses up on his nose and grinned. “I took care of her.”

I said, “She’s showing me that you were with her in the hospital by her bed when she died.”

He nodded, tears glistening in the depth of his big, brown eyes.

“She shows me that she had really changed at the end. The hospital was torture for you.  She had lost most of her hair and half her weight.  She was unconscious and couldn’t speak to you.  She’s laughing at this.  She says she looked like a little old man. You’d hardly recognize her.”

Again, his head bobbed in recognition, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“And then…”  I smiled at the vision she gave me of the hospital room, filled with sparkling light, spiritual recognition, and a profound sense of peace.  This shower of love filled the emptiness.  “Something holy happened in there because of you.”  His eyes glazed over.  I squinted, searching for words.  “Something lovely.  Did you bless her?”

He shook his head.  Clearly, he had no idea what his mother was trying to say.

“Ah,” I blurted.  “You gave her permission to leave?”

Water filled his eyes.  He nodded.

I thought, what a hero this son had been, to care for her and then to release her this way, so selflessly honoring her eternal spirit.

In that instant, the air seemed aglow. Love connected everything and there was nothing empty there.

“That was HUGE.  Thank you for that,” I said, stunned at the revelation.

Recognition flashed in his eyes.  He sniffed and said, “She died a few minutes later.”

Here was this recently departed mother, sharing her most vulnerable, tender and profound moment of final transformation.  And here we were, strangers, embraced in her luminous eternal spirit, unquestionably relieved of the pressure that had lingered after her death.

So, that loving conversation gave me a powerful insight to share.  When we can permit the souls of our loved ones to fly, it’s one of the greatest blessings for all.

with blessings to you,
Lisa Atkinson


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Good Grief: Celebrate!

celebrate spirit

It’s easy to be sad when we think of our losses, but any medium will tell you that every ending can actually be a new beginning, and that we can always celebrate our loved ones.

Last summer, for example, I read at a very large family reunion – in a tent full of mosquitoes by a remote lake in Connecticut. Kids were screaming and running around. Sad looking, sun-burnt men stood around and drank beer. Several of them looked downright mean. One gave me a sneer.

The woman who hired me rushed me in front of a handful of half-interested people.In spite of rustling people and random picnic sounds, I instantly connected with some of the family members in spirit, translating their heavenly help and evidence of identification to the breathing. (And I say “the breathing” because to me, the dead are sometimes more alive than we are!)

The father in spirit remarked about his wealth, his planes, other assets, and the fights over the inheritance he had left. Some of these people had turned on one another in their moments of greed. I hoped they wouldn’t turn the knives to me after I revealed these secrets. Indeed, this patriarch in spirit tried to console them from spirit, but the damage was done.

The mood could not have gotten more grave.

Imagine how refreshing it was when this departed man’s wayward daughter showed herself to me in a burst of jubilant, sparkling beauty from the spirit realm.Her presence imparted the slightly ticklish tingle of champagne bubbles beneath the nostrils.

Despite the humid heavy atmosphere, a visible shiver ran through the group of sisters as they suddenly got goose bumps of recognition. Turns out, I was describing her perfectly. A few of the women were her nieces. That same straight, red hair proved the relationship.

With a wink and a smile, this super-spunky spirit had me emphasize her own shocking good looks (superior to theirs, of course). This spirit even had me single out her “more uptight” brother, who stood nearby.

Naturally, she also relayed evidence in personal stories and shared family traits as well as some guiding messages for family members.

“Well?” One of the more feisty nieces shouted, jerking her head toward me, arms crossed.

“What’s she doing over there?”With her question in mind, I turned back to the spirit.The red-head held up a martini, smiled, and produced a humungous, Vegas-style feather fan, which she waved excitedly in front of her body and over her head. Then the spirit kicked up her legs and shimmied, flapper-style!Beaming with joy, I relayed the vision of her with renewed enthusiasm for the job.

Happily, the women smiled with delightful recognition, nodding in acknowledgment of their frolicking aunt.

“She says they’re having a party,” I said.

The niece nodded. “That’s her, all right.”

In spite of the sad state of things, we were all inspired by that dancing display of joy from heaven. Now, that’s what I call an authentic celebration of spirit!

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Moms and Mediumship

Where would we be without our moms?

I am not a mom, but I do cherish mine.  Our journey has not always been smooth.  Yet, as I look back, I see how much she has taught me, supported me, and believed in me in spite of some very trying events.  Happily, through all of our trials and tribulations, we have learned to love each other for our differences as well as for the commonalities.  I’m so grateful for her love.

As a professional medium, I also cherish the moms who come through with love from above. Their lasting bonds and communication continually amaze me. I’ve seen time and again how moms on the other side continue to support their kids – despite all kinds of obstacles, even death!

Moms love to provide evidence that they are still around – from symbols like the embedded heart jewelry they left behind to offerings of guidance and direction for current situations. Once, a British “mum” had me tell her middle-aged daughter (the “English Rose” expatriot) to check the back of the drawer in her bedside table beside the brass lamp. You can imagine the daughter’s surprise when she went home to her apartment, rummaged in the drawer, and found her long-lost mother’s wedding ring there.

I recently did a reading for a college girl whose mom showed up with over an hour’s worth of specific information.  After she established a connection with her daughter, she rattled a big set of noisy keys in my ear and gave me the “thumbs-down” because this mother wanted to remind the daughter to lock the house when she went out!  Her mom was still observing her daughter’s forgetfulness and wanted to look out for her daughter’s safety.  Her daughter was horrified when this mom also came through to show that she was aware of the excessive partying the daughter had done at college on Halloween!

I’m especially humbled when moms break through a family’s religious ideas about mediumship and appear in order to shower their kids with love.  Such sessions have been especially rewarding because they show how motherly love transcends man-made obstacles, too.

Perhaps even more touching is how very young kids come through the veil to offer love to their mothers.

Last summer, for instance, I had the pleasure of reuniting a child in heaven with his mom in Connecticut.  A particularly passionate boy had died very young – at age 11, and he wanted to assure his mom that he was still around. He told me that she had seen sparks of his light in the bathroom and kitchen of their home, but in her grief, she could not feel past the pain and she didn’t trust her own visions of her son’s spiritual essence. This boy relayed all kinds of specific information about their house. He mentioned his father’s connection to him in spirit, and sent love to his siblings.  He also thanked his mom for taking care of his dog and for spreading the dog’s ashes on his grave.  Then he showed me a moving image of his mother all coiled up in the bathtub, crying. I relayed this to her and she nodded, teary-eyed and sniffling.

“Yes,” she said, nodding.  Yes, she did cry privately in a blubbering bathtub ball – and yes, that’s one place where she thought she had felt her son’s arms embrace her from spirit – wrapping love and comfort around her!

That was the kind of healing moment of love from above that makes being a medium fulfilling. That kind of connectedness demonstrates the enormous energetic power we can send through our minds and hearts.

Many times, mothers and their children have an especially open heart-to-heart connection. They often intuit things at a distance. It’s natural. It’s love. Even if there were problems in the relationship, we can find something to appreciate. And we all have the capacity to send love without words or anything physical. So, if you’ve got a mom somewhere – on the planet or in the heavens – I hope you will send love to her now. I assure you – she will get it!

Whether you’re a mom or not, have a VERY happy weekend full of love and warmth and joyful surprises!

All my love,
Lisa Atkinson