Moms and Mediumship

Where would we be without our moms?

I am not a mom, but I do cherish mine.  Our journey has not always been smooth.  Yet, as I look back, I see how much she has taught me, supported me, and believed in me in spite of some very trying events.  Happily, through all of our trials and tribulations, we have learned to love each other for our differences as well as for the commonalities.  I’m so grateful for her love.

As a professional medium, I also cherish the moms who come through with love from above. Their lasting bonds and communication continually amaze me. I’ve seen time and again how moms on the other side continue to support their kids – despite all kinds of obstacles, even death!

Moms love to provide evidence that they are still around – from symbols like the embedded heart jewelry they left behind to offerings of guidance and direction for current situations. Once, a British “mum” had me tell her middle-aged daughter (the “English Rose” expatriot) to check the back of the drawer in her bedside table beside the brass lamp. You can imagine the daughter’s surprise when she went home to her apartment, rummaged in the drawer, and found her long-lost mother’s wedding ring there.

I recently did a reading for a college girl whose mom showed up with over an hour’s worth of specific information.  After she established a connection with her daughter, she rattled a big set of noisy keys in my ear and gave me the “thumbs-down” because this mother wanted to remind the daughter to lock the house when she went out!  Her mom was still observing her daughter’s forgetfulness and wanted to look out for her daughter’s safety.  Her daughter was horrified when this mom also came through to show that she was aware of the excessive partying the daughter had done at college on Halloween!

I’m especially humbled when moms break through a family’s religious ideas about mediumship and appear in order to shower their kids with love.  Such sessions have been especially rewarding because they show how motherly love transcends man-made obstacles, too.

Perhaps even more touching is how very young kids come through the veil to offer love to their mothers.

Last summer, for instance, I had the pleasure of reuniting a child in heaven with his mom in Connecticut.  A particularly passionate boy had died very young – at age 11, and he wanted to assure his mom that he was still around. He told me that she had seen sparks of his light in the bathroom and kitchen of their home, but in her grief, she could not feel past the pain and she didn’t trust her own visions of her son’s spiritual essence. This boy relayed all kinds of specific information about their house. He mentioned his father’s connection to him in spirit, and sent love to his siblings.  He also thanked his mom for taking care of his dog and for spreading the dog’s ashes on his grave.  Then he showed me a moving image of his mother all coiled up in the bathtub, crying. I relayed this to her and she nodded, teary-eyed and sniffling.

“Yes,” she said, nodding.  Yes, she did cry privately in a blubbering bathtub ball – and yes, that’s one place where she thought she had felt her son’s arms embrace her from spirit – wrapping love and comfort around her!

That was the kind of healing moment of love from above that makes being a medium fulfilling. That kind of connectedness demonstrates the enormous energetic power we can send through our minds and hearts.

Many times, mothers and their children have an especially open heart-to-heart connection. They often intuit things at a distance. It’s natural. It’s love. Even if there were problems in the relationship, we can find something to appreciate. And we all have the capacity to send love without words or anything physical. So, if you’ve got a mom somewhere – on the planet or in the heavens – I hope you will send love to her now. I assure you – she will get it!

Whether you’re a mom or not, have a VERY happy weekend full of love and warmth and joyful surprises!

All my love,
Lisa Atkinson