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Envision Love!

What is your dream for the relationships in your life? Have you been settling? It’s time to take back the moment. Remind yourself that your dreams can come true as long as you believe and perceive them as real. Do it now. Imagine with your heart and you will start to shift your world. The heart is more powerful than most people know!

(I just pulled this card from my free love cards that are now online. Get yours anytime online for free. Unlimited free love and relationship readings infused with love from above. Click the FREE LOVE readings tab above to get yours now.


Lisa Atkinson.

LOVE NOTES ORACLE CARDS live online launch!

new Online Love Oracle Readings
If you have a question about a relationship, or if you want to find out how to get more love in your life, look no more. I just created a free online oracle card system to give you insight.

Note: this is only a taste of what you get when you order your own full set of cards with the guidebook in June of 2013.

People are always asking me love questions, so I’m so excited about this! It works.

Plus, I am going to do a bunch of free relationship readings online, on my blogtalkradio show and other places to launch the book and card set.

If you prefer emails, then I have something for you, too! I will also be launching a FULL YEAR of weekly love notes delivered to your Inbox. Get more love by shooting an email to me to sign up.

Lots of Love!
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