Are You Psychic?

Have you ever wondered if your psychic side was active?  Do you get hunches that are true?  How about intuitive insights and gut feelings for no reason?  If you are human, you probably get all of the above.

That’s because we humans come in with a soul.

You may be asking, Okay. Just how does the soul relate to being psychic?

It’s just semantics. Language. Mumbo Jumbo. Trust me. It works out because the word psychic means of the psyche, and psyche is derived from the root word for soul. See?  Psychic just means of the soul.

There are a bunch more boring technical terms and broo-haha that we could go into here, but I will not bore you.

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How Psychic Are You?

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This program is for you if…you just want to explore psychic techniques for fun, and you’d like to have a psychic guide show you around, or…you’ve had some kind of spiritual experience that you didn’t understand. (You probably found it disturbing and unsettling, and maybe even scary.)


You’ve taken the tests and they say you’re not crazy!

You were afraid to tell some people because they wouldn’t understand, or worse – you did tell them and the response was less than desirable.

You took a period of time out from exploring this part of yourself.
You may have even turned to addictions to shut it all down.

You’ve known things about people that you had no logical way of knowing. You may have been called “gifted” as a child.

You definitely felt a bit different from the norm.

AND You’re sure there is more to the world than the visible realm of cause and effect.

If this sounds like you, then you will probably want to find out more!

The Number 1 Essential to Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

If there was only one thing that you had to do to unlock your psychic powers, what do you think it would be?

a) howl at the North Star
b) dance naked under a new moon
c) burn incense and chant
d) dance like a banshee and pray your butt off
e) something much simpler that is yet to be revealed

And the answer is?

You got it. Keep it simple, sweetheart.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Something altogether plain. It’s something everyone can do, but it may be less comfortable than any of the wild ideas I gave you above.

Can you guess what it is? HINT: It’s all in your head.

That’s right. You have to believe in yourself.

Believing is seeing, in this case, and you will not see your own gifts if you don’t take a moment and believe in them.

Plain as custard pie.

No. Your gifts are not in the sky.

And No. They are not a big fat lie.

The first step to embracing your own miraculous magical divine beautiful gorgeous gifts is oh, so simple and scrumptious!

Just believe it’s possible.

Start here.

And I’ll tell you more about your gifts in future blogs. You asked for it, so you are gonna get it! All about your gifts and how to make them work for you. Yaaay!

See you next time.

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i believe

Opening Your Psychic Sight

♥ Empowerment Tip: Psychic vision can come in many ways! One way to open your capacity to “see” spiritually is to stimulate the “Third Eye” center, which is above the nose in the center of the forehead. If you would like to open up a bit more to spiritual sight, close your eyes and place your little finger on the center and gently rub it clockwise in a circular motion. Breathe into this area, filling it with love and supportive energy. Then sit back and trust what you receive – and know that even if you get nothing, that is something, too. 😀 Did you see colors? Images? Sometimes the sights will come in your dreams, so be open to this tonight and keep a dream journal at the ready! + Feel free to share here about your experience! I love to hear about them. Peace ♥