Scared of Your Psychic Self?

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Intuitive Arts and Creative Arts: Is there a link?

Psychic Ability and the Arts

In this video, you’re going to find out a little trick about how to do something really ordinary to enhance the qualities of your extraordinary brain!

It’s your psychic side of the brain.

Using creativity helps you develop your psychic ability. There are a lot of different ways to be creative, so I guess it’s endless, really…but all of those exercises are using the same brain functions that we’re using to connect to Spirit. So, it is a way of opening the door to your psychic ability.

You may not believe me, but just try it and see. And give it some time. Sometimes it takes a while, especially to complete a creative project.

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UBER Growth Transformation Time~

Facing fear is UBER important.  Do you feel it? 

Time to get in touch with what’s holding us back in relationships, spiritual growth, career, and other aspects of our lives! 

We’re ALL supported in transformation and release of the struggle right now.  You can go deep into your personal unconscious fears with: Meditation. Hypnosis. Journal keeping. Day Dreaming.  

For the next two weeks, you may feel the rock ‘n roll emotional rollercoaster on trust versus fear.  Aw, c’mon. Something is being shattered. Right? For me, it’s breaking out of the old home and work anchor paradigm. 

I am releasing the belief that so much of my life needs to be away from the shore behind a computer, without enough play time or enjoying my own physical vitality and the sparkling sun on the sea. Yes, and dolphins. Of course!

So…what can you release today?  Share with me below.

This can ALSO be a time where judgments are being dis-proven and the discrediting of general assumptions. Ahem. Yes, and especially about rancid old patterns related to sex, love, and related boundaries….

SO? Why is this important right NOW

We’re in a Jupiter Saturn Neptune trine: seeds planted now will grow quicker than normal! Think positive and then, Yea!  Giant produce.

Painful as it can be, this window of starlight empowerment is actually a GIFT, when used consciously.  Get clear. What do you want to release? What do you want to grow in your life?  That is where we want to focus our thoughts and hearts for the next two weeks. What part of you needs to break and expand?

For me, it’s my own geography…and having more FUN, for starters.

What about you?

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The Number 1 Essential to Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

If there was only one thing that you had to do to unlock your psychic powers, what do you think it would be?

a) howl at the North Star
b) dance naked under a new moon
c) burn incense and chant
d) dance like a banshee and pray your butt off
e) something much simpler that is yet to be revealed

And the answer is?

You got it. Keep it simple, sweetheart.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Something altogether plain. It’s something everyone can do, but it may be less comfortable than any of the wild ideas I gave you above.

Can you guess what it is? HINT: It’s all in your head.

That’s right. You have to believe in yourself.

Believing is seeing, in this case, and you will not see your own gifts if you don’t take a moment and believe in them.

Plain as custard pie.

No. Your gifts are not in the sky.

And No. They are not a big fat lie.

The first step to embracing your own miraculous magical divine beautiful gorgeous gifts is oh, so simple and scrumptious!

Just believe it’s possible.

Start here.

And I’ll tell you more about your gifts in future blogs. You asked for it, so you are gonna get it! All about your gifts and how to make them work for you. Yaaay!

See you next time.

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i believe

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Magical Mediumship in Manhattan

Magical physical manifestations keep happening!!! I just love spirit bringing physical mediumship into my groups. I hosted my Manhattan medium gallery last night and it happened again. Details below…
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Of course, we had the miraculous spirit contact, and then toward the end of the evening, some powerful spirit messages came for family members in the group who worked in printing, writing and publishing. That’s when the printer behind me suddenly fired up and started whirring away!

It broke the calm quietude, and we all had to look. We checked but there was nothing printed out – just some books at the printer output area. Then I checked the display window and it said WAKE UP.

<goosebumps> I think it meant something personal to every one of us. Does that mean something to you?

So grateful and honored to do this work. It’s truly uplifting and a privilege to be connecting downtown this way in honor of Memorial Day, and upcoming Father’s Day. Some amazing dads and granddads also offered apologies and explanations from spirit – more on that to come.

Again, I want to thank everyone who came, and their spirit people, even the ones we could not get to in our limited time together. It’s really good to know that we have the freedom to gather and celebrate so much continuous love from above. Once again, last night’s Manhattan Medium Circle was amazing.

When Ghosts Must Go

Is your house haunted?  Do frightening things go bump in the night?

To rid yourself of pesky prowlers, you must get yourself together and say so.  If you need support, get loving, respectful friends

3 Empowering Tools + 7 Psychic Secrets

to join in the fun.

Once you form your own intent, call on your own trusted loved ones in spirit and ask them to help. Usually, that will do the trick as long as you’re not messing around with Ouija Boards or some other such trickery, inviting spirits in to play games.  (FYI, your own fearful reactions are their food so get a grip on that in whatever way you can, so pull yourself together or it will not work.)

For extra amps, ask your angels to help!  Say it like you mean it.

Blessings and prayers will fill the home with light and that is not where anything malicious wants to be so they will definitely flee!

Another tool is blessed water or salt water. Spritz it around the house.  Some people like to sprinkle real salt around the house.

You can also smoke out the cooties with Palo Santo (holy wood) smoke, sage “smudge sticks” or certain incense for this purpose. Ask your local metaphysical store for supplies.

And if that doesn’t work, heaven help you.  I would probably move.

Seriously, call your local spiritual leader. You’ll have to hire out.

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Lisa Atkinson

Envision Love!

What is your dream for the relationships in your life? Have you been settling? It’s time to take back the moment. Remind yourself that your dreams can come true as long as you believe and perceive them as real. Do it now. Imagine with your heart and you will start to shift your world. The heart is more powerful than most people know!

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