Got Fear?


Let’s talk about what nobody wants to address: FEAR.  Some people say it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Others call it anxiety. Panic. Apprehension. Terror. Horror.  Fear has a zillion faces.  Whatever you want to call it, a lot of people have it…especially when it comes to developing their own spiritual connections. Most of the time it’s a taboo subject.

The saddest thing about cultural fear is that many of our biggest fears are not even our own!  Fearful thoughts can become habits that get handed down with the family heirlooms.  No wonder people want to deny it, shove it into the closet, and lock it up with the skeletons.  They’ll do anything but address one of the toughest emotional guidance signals we can experience.

Many of us are afraid to even discuss fear.

But don’t be afraid!  Let’s address a cultural thought pattern of fear that comes up often around spiritual work.

Do you know someone who has this fear?  That someone could even be you.

A lot of people see spirits and it scares them because they’re buying into a cultural thought pattern.  If you have a fear of scary ghosts or curses, the first thing to do is to send light to them and to yourself.  Call on your angels to protect you.  Affirm your connection to Source.  If you need to get support, seek professional help by going to someone who is recommended by a loving person that you trust. And if you run into someone who tells you they see a curse or a dark cloud that they can lift for a large fee, run in the other direction.  Whatever you do, don’t indulge the fear that others are putting out to you!  That kind of fear begets more fear, and it robs you of your power.

Above all, PLEASE don’t let this kind of fear cheat you out of having a real psychic or mediumistic experience with your own loved ones, who in my experience only come through in love, for love, and with love!

Sometimes, what we really fear is change.  That’s often when the old crusty parts of our own ego’s fears need to be shed.

Marianne Williamson loves to talk about how what we really fear is how powerful we can be, when truly connected to God. And that leads me to A Course in Miracles, which is the book that inspires many of her materials. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to incorporate a deeper, less fearful perspective.  That book describes two lenses through which we can see the world: through fear or love.

And that’s not to say there’s nothing to fear in the world.  I’ve had some terrifying times with frightful events and people. But some of us have trudged through an immobilizingly scary Dark Night of the Soul and actually arrived at a spiritual awakening.  But unless we’re in a reflexive fight or flight response that is triggered by a physical emergency where adrenaline kicks in to keep us alive, we usually do have a choice.   We can choose in every moment.

Fear or love?  Fear or faith?

Which do you think is more supportive and empowering?  This is akin to choosing darkness, ignorance or depression vs. lightness, conscious awareness or optimism.  And in every moment, we can choose.

This is why I encourage my  clients to look at their own choices and own their power in this emotional equation.  If we become conscious of our fearful thoughts, we can continue or change them.

In fact, many of us have seen that the fear of spiritual awareness can cause more damage than the faith in the love of eternal energy.

In my own life, walking the spiritual path has opened doors that require full-on, fear-conquering faith – the kind that bursts forth from higher love.  This is the kind of love that heals and creates miracles. I believe it’s here that we can discover our own portal to our loved ones in spirit, and be embraced by angels.

The bottom line is that we cannot be in both, love/faith and fear.  They are inversely proportional. Which one are you choosing today?

In order to conquer fear, we can always reconnect to that deeper inner connection to whatever we call our higher power.  That is the source and the solution. It’s always available to us, no matter how fearful we may have become.

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